And Relax……..Coffee anyone?

So today was another epic Women in Business lunch at the stunning Restaurant Tristan in Horsham. As lively and lovely as ever.

Today we had two great presentations from Sianne Jones and Suzanne Sawyer… both great… both very different!  Both ladies clearly know their stuff though.

Suzanne, who specializes in nutrition (among other things) spoke to us about caffeine… and lord knows we all like a good coffee! Although, when its described as a white, odorless substance that melts in water, it seems to appeal less than a hot mug of steamy coffee!

A metabolic stimulant that is used both recreationally and medically is potentially one of our biggest crutches. Perhaps more for me than some of you!

Suzanne highlighted some fascinating facts about coffee… for example, did you know that coffee is the most popular drink in the world? Over 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed on a daily basis… and not just by me!

My favorite fact of the day though was that the first coffee shop in the world was opened in 1475 in Turkey, and at the time, if your husband failed to bring you your daily cup of joy… that was enough grounds for divorce! Sadly though, times have changed since then! ;)

So Sianne Jones had to follow on from caffeine and stimulants; with a presentation on relaxation and meditation.  Some might think that was a tough challenge.  But Sianne very cooly bridged the gap with a meditation exercise.  And nicely done too I may add.  It’s not often that us working ladies can go to a networking lunch and enjoy five minutes to ourselves to reenergize!

Sianne highlighted some of the benefits of meditation, and she is right… it can be critical to creative thinking, as well as to our day to day energy levels.  She now offers meditation for business people… allowing business people to engage in 30-40 minutes of meditation, twice a week to get those creative juices flowing.  And I am sure that we are all too aware that we are possibly guilty of spending too much time working ‘in’ our businesses rather than ‘on’ them.

So I hereby raise a glass (or a coffee cup) to our ladies… all of you… for empowering yourself and others around you in whichever way you chose!

Until next month ladies… relax, focus and be successful!!!