Breast Awareness

BOOBS! Do I have your attention now?

Todays Women in Business meeting was a full house, with 37 attendees we had the restaurant staff all in a tizz!

As always there was some brilliant networking, lots of fun and a really fantastic presentation.

This month Annie took to the floor with an incredibly interesting and informative presentation on a massively important topic – Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Awareness. Unfortunately our Women in Business Group has more than one member who has had a personal experience with breast cancer, but when you consider that every day in the UK, approximately 150 women are told that they have breast cancer, I guess it becomes less surprising that it really is this close to home.

150 women EACH DAY! That’s more than 55,000 women a year – and it’s not just women that are susceptible to this type of cancer, men can also contract it – of course it is much rarer for men to contract breast cancer than women but it does happen.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and we all know that it can be fatal. The key is to catch it early, and actually most women find their breast cancer themselves rather than at the post 50th birthday screening. You don’t need to wait to turn fifty before you check your breasts – you should be doing it regularly regardless of your age.

Annie volunteers with the charity Breast Cancer Care, and she puts her own time and effort into educating as many women as possible about breast cancer and how we can all check ourselves regularly – the earlier it is diagnosed the more effective treatment may be. The charity have an incredibly informative website which receives more than 2 million hits a year. Go to<> for more information on what to look for. It is well worth getting familiar with your breasts so that finding abnormalities becomes much easier and the website offers plenty of guidance on this

Annie is also happy for you to contact her directly for a confidential and friendly chat should you have any concerns, she can be reached on [email protected]

Thank you Annie – it was a brilliant presentation on a really important subject.

In other WIB news

Carolyn gave us the facts and figures on how Women in Business is doing as an organisation – although I’m no accountant, the outlook is positive! Alice and the committee have taken the group from strength to strength over the past 6 – 12 months. This is a Membership Organisation and you are the Members – so get involved and make the group work for you! Well done and thank you to everyone’s support and involvement. The group is growing and new meetings and social events are being added all the time so that everyone is included… watch out for forthcoming events!

The new Women in Business website is close to being launched – and I guarantee you are going to be impressed! Watch this space!

Until next time ladies, continue to be an inspiration!

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