Future Meetings

DECEMBER: Christmas Do

December 5th

More details here

DECEMBER: Breakfast Meeting
December 12th – 9 – 11 am

At Stooks in Newbridge Nurseries.

JANUARY: How to Get Business from Talks and Presentations – without being pushy or “salesy”
January 16th

If You Want to Get More Clients by Public Speaking – this is For You!


Many people want to promote their business by speaking to audiences. However very few know how to do this in a way that gets new clients consistently. I have spoken to a lot of people who have spent a considerable amount of time and energy giving talks and presentations, only to receive very little, if any, business from it.

However when it’s done in the right way speaking can be one of the most effective marketing tools there is. I have found that presenting to a group can result in thousands of pounds worth of new business, but you have to know what you are doing.

In this presentation you will discover some of the major mistakes people make that can cost them thousands of pounds in lost business. It will help you create a presentation that will get business without any hard sell, so that you can feel comfortable not pushy.

What you will learn:

  • Six mistakes that people make when speaking and how it loses them new clients
  • Three key elements your talk must include if you want to get new business
  • Five reasons why speaking beats many other marketing techniques for getting new clients
  • How to use presentations, seminars, after dinner speaking, workshops and training as business generating opportunities

Who will benefit?

Entrepreneurs, independent professionals, business owners, self-employed freelancers and speakers who want to get new clients by speaking.

Lisa’s Bio:

Lisa Farr specialises in helping small business owners to get more clients. She has found that speaking can be one of the best marketing tools there is once you know how. She has over twenty years experience in marketing and is one of a small number of marketing professionals to gain the title of Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. 

Lisa has helped hundreds of business owners to improve their marketing and get more clients. Her passion is to support business owners and entrepreneurs to greater financial success through doing what they love. Many clients report doubling, or even tripling, their income as a result of working with her.

Lisa Farr – Marketing Consultant and Coach

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing