Clare Davison

Clare Davison

Events, Workshops, Holistic therapies

Call 01403 734930

Hello from Clare

Owner of a home near Horsham running Events, Workshops, Holistic  
therapies.  Opening the 15 acres formal gardens to the public. Organising special days for Charities.

Vintage Parties arranged.  Film/photo shoots in the garden and inside.
Ballroom, Hall, Upper Hall and Landing for Hire. Bedrooms on request.
Next year we will be opening for patients to receive treatments: Reiki,Holistic massage/aromatherapy, Reflexology, Colour Therapy, Polarity, Nutrition, Emotional Transition, Positive EFT. Bowen, Sound healing using gongs and Theta Healing. These will be in the mainhouse, and a small coffee/tea room will be open, also the use of the gardens to walk in and relax after treatment.

Clare Davison and other qualified practitioners with many years experience will be giving these very special and unique treatments.