Karen Burge

Karen Burge

Desire Map Coach

Hello from Karen

Creating the best of your life for the rest of your life!

I help people who are ready for a new phase in their life. I show them how to find their real passion and discover how they really want to feel. Working together we create the best version of themselves and the life they desire.

I love to help people re-discover their confidence. So many times I come across women especially, who have created so much, coped with adversity, nurtured children or businesses and yet have lost sight of just how awesome they are.

Sometimes I have a space on my Confident Women’s Salon. It’s a programme for amazing women. She is already successful but despite her achievements, she needs support to achieve a goal that feels “impossible” right now. Do you know a woman like that?

If you do, I’ll block out 1 – 2 hours of my time and create a powerful coaching experience.

We’ll get her challenges handled – forever.